Conjurers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Conjurers:

A soldier is not a conjurer that he should be handed over a fully laden ship and told to ferret out a fuse key.

When lawyers get a case into their hands, no living conjurer can divine when their clients will get it out again.

Then he would show the dent in his cheek, and pass his helmet round for all to see, as a conjurer does.

But no; the conjurer swore freely—‘Be gone—be gone about your business; go and look for your horse.’

Then she thought about consulting a conjurer; but being a timorous woman as well as not over-wise, she put it off for a while.

Then the ladder got smaller and smaller and Flann saw the conjurer coming down on the other side.

Shn-ga-tn-ga-chsh-en-day, the Horse-dung; Chief of a band; a great conjurer and magician.

And there was a conjurer with a gaping crowd, a quack extracting teeth, a ballad singer.

In the centre of the entrance hung a bell which the conjurer begged the Welshman to beware of touching.

See, too, how slowly the unpractised apprehension of an older child trudges after the nimbleness of a conjurer.