Conjuring [verb]

Definition of Conjuring:

appeal to, implore

Synonyms of Conjuring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conjuring:

Sentence/Example of Conjuring:

In the midst of their conjuring, the Inquisition came down upon them.

But Cash gave no sign that he heard or saw anything save the visions his memory was conjuring in the dancing flames.

I ought to be above feeling annoyed at this tomfoolery—but these conjuring fellows go too far.

Miss Mackenzie was in the place of honour, conjuring with a teapot and a cosy; and, behold!

Here is a fair heritage lost, I dare say, on a foul cast at dice, or a conjuring trick at cards!

Now used generally for a spell or conjuring word: mere gibberish.

This set him conjuring before his eyes the image of Rhoda, until he cried, "I'll be hanged if the girl doesn't haunt me!"

His eidetic memory went to work, conjuring an image of a large-scale map he had once studied.

A flash went through him, like lightning in a sunless sky, conjuring up in him strange phantasms.

He was unbolting the door, when his sister's voice was heard on the outside conjuring him to come forth.