Connections [noun]

Definition of Connections:

person who aids another in achieving goal

Synonyms of Connections:

Opposite/Antonyms of Connections:

Sentence/Example of Connections:

But she bought a small pulley as well as the ground connections which Mr. Brill had in stock.

Probably he was some kin to old Granny Harris, who had distant connections in the North, some one suggested.

Colonel Salvador, though born in Portugal, has all his property and connections in Brazil; he served with credit in the peninsula.

We were now to seek a new country, and form new ties and connections—a disagreeable matter under any circumstances.

At the same time I heard that long-distance telephone connections with Berlin had been reopened.

In the same way note the connections between the succeeding paragraphs.

Knowing that in the interval of getting phone connections they would be beset with furtive questions from a curious executive.

The vitality of the Jewish ritual, when the nation had emerged from barbarism, was in its connections with a magnificent psalmody.

By connections at the engine room forward bulkhead steam could be taken from any boiler in the ship.

The dotted lines at switch C show the connections through switch C after it has been operated.