Connects [verb]

Definition of Connects:

combine, link

Synonyms of Connects:

Opposite/Antonyms of Connects:

Sentence/Example of Connects:

Why don't you jump on the China Mail this afternoon; it connects with a good line out of Shanghai.

M. Reinach connects this fragment with a shorter one, also in the Lydian key, but not in paeonic metre, viz.

I believe that I may speak with a certain accent of authority upon any question which connects with the French magus Éliphas Lévi.

A similar arrangement connects the other end of the stay plate to the flat end of the boiler.

A "trefoil arch" connects the 113six chief pillars, on each of which stands a statue of a Virtue.

"And connects with a few hits himself, now and then," added Matt dryly.

Later he visited another pass on the ridge that connects Mount Everest with Makalu.

"I'm pretty certain that it connects with Tunnel Six," replied the caretaker.

A very old idea, in like manner, connects the north side of the church with suicides graves, etc.

This slight movement connects the bell circuit and disconnects the telephone circuit.