Conned [verb]

Definition of Conned:

deceive, defraud

Synonyms of Conned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conned:


Sentence/Example of Conned:

Her pros and cons list for Georgia Tech was pro-heavy, so the college counselor suggested Katie spend a day pretending to be a Georgia Tech student.

There have actually been quite a few studies investigating the pros and cons of pole use, and they’re summarized in a new review article by Ashley Hawke and Randall Jensen in Wilderness & Environmental Medicine.

As in nearly everything, it is a matter of weighing pros and cons, and of course trying and experimenting.

Selling subscriptions through intermediaries has its pros and cons.

The researchers predicted that the way people choose to communicate—by speaking or typing—would have to do at least a little with how they see the pros and cons of each option.

That led us to two jilted men whose feelings had been hurt and had felt conned by the women who ran off with Richard Scott Smith.

That whole idea of the ghosting is often a part of a con as well.

That shift carries pros and cons, for both police and public.

All domain strategies have pros and cons, so it’s important to ascertain how each option would work for your business specifically.

I did not stir out of my house all day, but conned my musique, and at night after supper to bed.