Connivance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Connivance:

He fancied this would not have happened without her connivance, and she seemed graver than usual when he stood by her chair.

All our leaders would lose their heads if a single imprudent act allowed their connivance with the queen-mother to be seen.

The darkness was profound for a moment: the lightnings paused—a sort of sinister connivance.

With the connivance of a corrupt police force, Tim can even ruin him on a trumped-up charge.

The current belief was that his preferment was disgrace for connivance at communications between him and Cobham.

The hired advocate may calumniate as he will, but he can show no collusion or connivance on your part.

The order was persecuted and all but exterminated by the jealousy of the Regular Monks, not, it seems, without papal connivance.

Her waiting-maid is run away, or hitherto is not to be found: so that they conclude it was by her connivance.

By the connivance of the local landowner every specimen of the bull trout was killed as it entered the river from the sea.

Not through corruption or any guilty connivance, but through considerations of public interest.