Connived [verb]

Definition of Connived:

plot, scheme

Synonyms of Connived:

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Sentence/Example of Connived:

They would never connive at this second sowing of the dragon's teeth of Cadmus.

Werther, however, did not abandon his enterprise, and even besought the judge to connive at the flight of the prisoner.

What was there astonishing in that King James, not wishing to shed your blood on the scaffold, should connive at your escape?

No money-making graft is too petty or too immoral for the MacMorroghs to connive at.

When I suggested that he connive with the governor toward removing our sheriff, he declared that the governor was a coward.

It is not the exclusion law that causes hardship, but the steamship companies that connive at evasions of the law.

I am loth to believe that you would wilfully connive at either my 251 capture, or anything that would bring harm to the cause.

The original free traders were not disposed to connive at Derbyite operations any more than were the whigs.

Yet the professors of delicacy connive, and the Mother Geese sit smirking at the wall.

I'm very grateful to him, but to connive at his escape is itself a punishable act.