Connotative [adjective]

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Meaning here, then, can be neither the connotative nor denotative reference of a term; they are covered by the two prior formulae.

The third division is into Connotative and Non-connotative (the latter being wrongly called Absolute).

When the positive is connotative, so is the corresponding negative, for the non-possession of an attribute is itself an attribute.

The turbulent voices, even Guy Pollock being connotative beside her, were nothing.

The workings of my thought thus determine both its denotative and its connotative significance more fully.

Note in the final result how much less connotative, how much more commonplace the dialogue probably is.

Non-connotative Terms—denote a subject only and an attribute only.

Proper names, on the other hand, though concrete, are not connotative.

This is still more the case in propositions with connotative subjects.

The collective name is then "connotative" of the common characters of the collection.