Conquerors [noun]

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And, in effect, his example did serve to promote a rapprochement between the conquerors and the conquered.

We need, as it were, to place ourselves en rapport with the mind alike of the conquered and the conquerors.

Mr. Taylor is perfectly right in supposing that several of these names of places contain the names of the old Danish conquerors.

Their humble graves are grander monuments than the trophied tombs of Romes proud conquerors upon the Appian Way.

Principally to ensure military dominance, the conquerors made many main roads, mostly centering in London.

The history of the Count of Plouernel is that of all these seigneurs who issued from the race of the first conquerors of Gaul.

So the story of the Constitution comes first in our list of the naval conquerors of that war.

And we, the descendants of the conquerors; we knights tolerate such villainy!

This is quite in the bulletin style of conquerors; it has a ring of "veni, vidi, vici" about it.

The Indians likewise far exceed their conquerors in their genius for, and execution of, all mechanical operations.