Conquistadores [noun]

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That fine old conquistador was now worn out in body and a wreck of his former self.

As he wheeled about he was once more the social conquistador, seeking, the girl knew not what advantage.

I had read with eagerness the History of the Conquest, and of the adventures of the noble Conquistador.

The Conquistador's bones repose in the land which, with so much intrepidity and ruthlessness, he won for Spain.

The companions-in-arms of Jaime el Conquistador are nearly always represented wearing a considerable weight of plate armour.

Grown old, disgusted with life, and betrayed by fortune, the "conquistador" had no longer anything to expect from government.

The conquistador, in fact, was generally the active partner in an enterprise which was largely commercial.

The conquistador nearly always risked much of his own before he set sail from his native land.

The tough old conquistador lived to the age of eighty, expiring in the year 1579.

It was this conquistador who was responsible for the second and permanent founding of the city of Buenos Aires.