Consanguine [adjective]

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It is evident that the punaluan family was formed out of the consanguine.

Next, how did the Consanguine family change into the Punaluan?

In this or a similar manner that form which Morgan styles the Punaluan family developed from the consanguine family.

They inherited first together with the other consanguine relatives of the mother, later on perhaps in preference to the others.

All three of them are groups of differentiated consanguine relations.

The evils of inbreeding are so probable as to justify strong prejudice against consanguine marriages.

Consanguine half-brothers are residuaries of the same class as brothers, but only take in default of full brothers.

Consanguine half-sisters take a share of two-thirds, or if there is only one she takes a share of one-half.

But if there is a full sister also, the full sister takes one-half, and the consanguine sisters one-sixth between them.

Morgan makes the systems of nomenclature proofs of the existence of the Consanguine and Punaluan families.