Conscienceless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Conscienceless:

So for that reason alone I never seriously considered it, but I felt pushed in that direction by my conscience while I was researching the book.

Amnesty International recognized Victoria Biran a prisoner of conscience, deprived of her liberty solely for peacefully exercising their human rights, and her case is emblematic of thousands of persons in Belarus detained in recent weeks.

“But the content of a man’s character or a woman’s character to serve in that capacity is more important than any other issue that I have to consider as a matter of conscience,” he added.

Some teams among the bottom half of their league’s seeds — such as the Yankees and Astros — cannot, in good conscience, be considered “Cinderellas.”

However, it doesn’t seem to make sense to your pesky conscience.

So, we cannot in good conscience support terms that include such inequity.

This is so important that I should hold it conscienceless to engage in the profession of criminology without knowing the dialects.

So far as decent speech could compass it, I have ever sought to tell her what a conscienceless villain you are.

But first of all, with characteristic stealth, the conscienceless half-breed had begun his journey with a comfortable nap.

In business relations he is as conscienceless as Tamerlane, who built a mountain of skulls as a monument to himself.