Conscientious [adjective]

Definition of Conscientious:

thorough, careful

Synonyms of Conscientious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conscientious:

Sentence/Example of Conscientious:

Nonviolent Communication offers a conscientious look at emotional aspects of communication and considers how to embrace them in productive, good-faith exchange.

In April 2015, Morrison announced that the Christian Scientist and conscientious objector exemptions would be removed.

Police unions that protect rogue officers undermine and ultimately threaten the safety of conscientious officers and the public.

The government introduced the program when Morrison was Australia’s minister for social services, and in 2015, Morrison announced that “conscientious objector” exclusions from the immunization requirements would no longer be given out.

The World Wide Web is developing into an increasingly competitive place – advanced testing helps to give conscientious marketers a fighting chance.

I suppose he is sick of the sound of them, or perhaps it is because he feels obliged to be conscientious in teaching Beethoven!

Keen and canny, they drive a close bargain but, scrupulous and conscientious, fulfil it faithfully.

It proceeds neither from wrath, that is, from the fear of their wrath, nor from a conscientious sense of obligation to obey them.

Not much intellect, but most conscientious and as faithful as an old watch dog.

His master may be a man of some conscientious scruples; ours may be unmerciful.