Conscientiously [adverb]

Definition of Conscientiously:

fairly, justly

Synonyms of Conscientiously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conscientiously:

Sentence/Example of Conscientiously:

It’s what people who are really effective and creative and self-regulating and conscientious do.

While studies have shown that it’s more important to focus on clean hands than disinfecting your counters and doorknobs to avoid covid-19, you still need to be conscientious about cleaning.

The immunization requirement originally exempted people with medical reasons, people who submitted a conscientious objection to immunization, and members of the Church of Christ, Scientist.

Oh, certainly Monsieur would take these, and anything else which Madame could conscientiously recommend.

Governor Spotswood also was a most able diplomat with the Indians, and he tried conscientiously to help them get better educated.

The millions in the world who conscientiously disclaim the supremacy of the Pope, at least openly avow it.

One thing we do know, that he left the Colonization Society, because he could not conscientiously subscribe to its measures.

The worthy Germans, who think everything excellent that does not emanate from themselves, copy this custom most conscientiously.

We can conscientiously recommend 'Neutronics,' by Dr. Napier, to the careful perusal of our invalid readers.

The party verify the depressions conscientiously, and click their tongues to express indulgent contempt.