Consciousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Consciousness:

QAnon, left unchecked for years, has tapped into the mainstream consciousness and is now involving people who may not even realize they’re being manipulated by QAnon-driven initiatives.

I’ve been defending this view on the grounds that it offers the best solution to the hard problem of consciousness.

Lewis-Williams argues that altered states of consciousness were likely still important as a way of journeying between these different cosmic realms.

Over the past decade, the NBA has increasingly been at the forefront of social consciousness among sports leagues.

You open your eyes, come to your senses, and slide from dream state to consciousness.

The controlling center of consciousness is the extreme limit of the nares anteri.

A ray of Consciousness is passed over that impression and you re-read it, you re-awaken the record.

Mine should be of pure steel; I have ordered her out of my consciousness these last weeks at the point of the bayonet.

A trap-door had opened in the floor of his consciousness; his first, early love sheltered in his aching heart again.

I watched over you till you recovered consciousness of your own accord, and now—now I am here to guide you safely back to the inn.