Conscript [noun]

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He was among hundreds of fresh conscripts who stripped to their skivvies and stood in a quickly moving line to be inoculated.

A civil war raged, and soon after they married, soldiers approached their village, burning houses and conscripting the men.

The young conscript seemed to fill the head of Mademoiselle St. Sillery.

The Argentine sailor is a land-conscript, laboriously taught an unfamiliar art, which he learns wonderfully well.

It was too vast for a citizen, and the locality was no longer sufficiently refined for a conscript father.

It is these which explain the two million volunteers which in August, 1914, went to swell the huge German conscript armies.

The genius of the race takes the lover conscript and makes him a soldier in life's battalions.

The conscript might be a captain, a colonel, a general, before the Austrian or Prussian soldier could be a corporal.

The Conscript law which the Confederate Congress had passed was in operation, and was carried out with remorseless energy.

It was easy to understand why mothers of conscript sons fasted and wept and prayed and worried themselves to their graves.