Conscripted [adjective]

Definition of Conscripted:

having undergone initiation

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Sentence/Example of Conscripted:

According to Harold Marcuse, author of Legacies of Dachau, replacement leader Heinrich Wicker had roughly 560 personnel at his disposal, including Hungarian troops and conscripted inmates from a disciplinary prison inside the camp.

In two or three hours he came for my decision, and I told him that I had concluded to wait until I was conscripted.

Former laborers had fled or had been conscripted, jailed, or killed.

They fired their rifles and pistols; they caroused and conscripted fighters.

Often a man when conscripted would have sufficient influence to be at once detailed, and would never join his company.

Though "conscripted," as it were, and rather a passive agent, I could see no wrong in the proceeding.

Met 'em in Piccadilly, groping about for the club, and conscripted 'em both, they very decently consenting.

The officers in the various regiments, however, who wished to be mustered out, found themselves conscripted for a longer term.

This went on, until, by a fatal error of judgment, the men were all conscripted into the army.

This anonymous condition seemed to him an immense advantage at the time when Napoleon conscripted all families to fill the ranks.