Conscription [noun]

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The jailer, a loyalist, retained his position as a civil detail, thus protecting himself and sons from conscription.

A new conscription secured the forty thousand men for Bayonne, and General Clarke was ordered to fortify the frontier.

No one remonstrated when once more recourse was had to the fatal policy of anticipating the annual conscription.

In fact, with conscription and compulsory jury service, this pitiless dilemma arises before every one.

The issue of conscription brought to an end the political truce which had been declared in August, 1914.

Ireland, on the other hand, while it was opposed to Conscription, had no choice offered to it in the matter.

But nothing altered the opposition to Conscription, and the Government had to be content with the suspension of the sword.

Ries, a native of Bonn, was now a French subject, and recalled under the laws of conscription.

He had been a charcoal-burner and having had the good fortune to escape the conscription he married.

Such hampering restrictions as conscription to fight or work, or rationing, have been removed.