Consecrated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Consecrated:

Either way, once the Electoral College votes are counted in early January, the results of the election will be consecrated.

The gift demands the voluntary use of it for the end intended; and the Giver requires that the gift be consecrated to him.

It tried to follow him beyond the grave, disputing his right to make a will and denying him burial in consecrated ground.

Only with a woman consecrated to active participation may the revolutionist associate.

Hence she surpassed in grace and holiness all other created beings, and was consecrated a worthy temple of the incarnate Word.

Diana, bearing Richard not a tenth of the affection his sister consecrated to him, was alarmed for him.

It has waved on consecrated banners, and been quartered on the arms of earths proudest monarchs.

But I cannot be friends with them: they do not belong to the People, to whose service my life is consecrated.

She ravaged the newspapers; they never were more bare of reference to consecrated labours.

She was a creature consecrated, made holy by suffering; she was the sacredness of life incarnate, a thing godlike, beyond earth.