Consensual [adjective]

Definition of Consensual:

in agreement; uncontested

Opposite/Antonyms of Consensual:

Sentence/Example of Consensual:

The consensual view from those results was that the third quarter represented an uptick in advertising that will quicken throughout the remainder of the year.

Keppel denied having non-consensual sex with the woman and was not charged following a police investigation, court and Bethel Police Department reports show.

She noted that some of the recent cases that ended the careers of men in Alaska politics were noncriminal, involving harassment or consensual but inappropriate messaging.

Maxwell refused to answer questions regarding what she termed “consensual” sexual activity with adults.

Botswana’s High Court in June 2019 issued a ruling that decriminalized consensual same-sex sexual relations in the country.

But the other Indian bishops have no position recognized by the State and no jurisdiction, except consensual.

A consensual ecclesiastical jurisdiction is thus created, which has to this extent temporal sanction.

We now reach the fourth class, or Consensual Contracts, the most interesting and important of all.

For, in truth, the peculiarity of these Consensual Contracts is that no formalities, are required to create them out of the Pact.

But the term Consensual merely indicates that the Obligation is here annexed at once to the Consensus.