Consequences [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Consequences:

Few people, I think, realize that, and fewer still realize the reasonable consequences of that.

Women generally consider consequences in love, seldom in resentment.

Was Sir Hugh Wheeler aware of the proposed marriage, with all the terrible consequences that it heralded?

And new consequences, still more disastrous than any she had foreseen, presented themselves one after another.

The consequences of the incident at Papayani's ball remained a secret to the young wife.

Still, though he had committed great faults, he had shown a surprising ability in extricating himself from their consequences.

By statutes corporations are required to do many things and, if they fail, are liable for the consequences.

No one with even an ordinary share of sensibility can witness a ceremony involving such consequences without the deepest emotion.

She has since been repeatedly employed as a nurse to Small-pox patients, without experiencing any ill consequences.

These circumstances must naturally create in every instance some degree of painful solicitude for its consequences.