Consequent [adjective]

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Then there is the grand premiere and the consequent climb to the top of the Twitterverse.

He explains the late departure of the ships for Nueva España, and the consequent mortality reported on one of them.

This is a very dark frame of mind, consequent on overwork and the conclusion of the excruciating Ebb Tide.

I suffered so much from the consequent relaxation, that I never repeated the occasion.

For the first time the three seemed to be made aware of the approach of the Federals, and to show consequent alarm and haste.

No cause acts without a consequent effect; an effect is a sure sign of a preceding cause.

After the trial races and consequent choice of 'Vigilant' as defender, public attention was centred on the coming of 'Valkyrie.'

But the reaction consequent on the Restoration brought back the glory to Shrewsbury.

Much would depend upon the reputation of the author and the consequent demand, and high prices were put on certain books.

The satisfaction consequent on Pitt's accession to power faded at the news that he had accepted a peerage as Earl of Chatham.