Consequential [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Consequential:

Sir Lionel at once puffs out a little, as though feeling consequential.

"I'll have you to know, sir, that I am fully entitled to act as I am doing," he said with a consequential air.

"Well, why don't you come when I call," said Mick with a consequential air.

These she deposited on the slope in front of the house with consequential air.

He does not plant himself in the midst of his company, neither does he assume the consequential manners of a dictator.

The consequential Celt readily exclaimed "There's plenty o' lords like yourself, but very few sic pipers as me."

The important and consequential manner of a bird with building material in mouth is amusing.

"I don't know nothink of consequential ground," says Jo, still staring.

A consequential man who carries his head rather higher than he ought:—'He thinks no small beer of himself.'

Now is that right, consequential—that is, inferential; logically deduced, going straight to the end—manly?