Conservancy [noun]

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Conservancy there was none, and the stench from the streets, the lagoon, and even the bank of the river was sickening.

The Conservancy dredged the bed of the river, and also filled up a bight on the Surrey shore.

Measures of conservancy have been suggested, but their execution would be almost impracticable.

(b) Dry conservancy next after water-carriage is the best and safest system for the removal of human excreta.

These, owing to the large amount of water which they contain, are beyond the reach of any system of dry conservancy.

The Thames Conservancy used their powers, and summarily put a stop to shooting on the river throughout their whole jurisdiction.

The preservation of its amenities is not, strictly speaking, the object for which the Conservancy exists.

The dykes had to be reconstructed and further measures of conservancy undertaken.

Some are built on ground leased from the Conservancy, some on that of private owners.

As a matter of fact, if he does not do it, the Conservancy does.