Conservatism [noun]

Definition of Conservatism:

opposition to change

Synonyms of Conservatism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conservatism:


Sentence/Example of Conservatism:

Furthermore, the increased radicalism of the few was more than counterbalanced by the intensified conservatism of the many.

One would look in vain for a better example of the conservatism of the legal profession.

How far can Conservatism be induced to plan and construct before it resists the thrust towards change.

It's the peculiarity of English conservatism that it's persistently progressive and rejuvenescent.

Conservatism cannot emancipate itself from the conditions of the age.

In such a state of things what part is left for Conservatism to play?

This is a field in which Neo-conservatism can reap no harvest.

Conservatism heeded the warning, and the opposition to agitation intensified all over the South and the North; but to no avail.

From the same source an endowment might be obtained for a state church which would be a bulwark of order and conservatism.

In the United States, after a generation of conservatism, Jacksonian democracy was to sweep all before it.