Conservatively [adverb]

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Facebook is a mass-reality-distortion field for conservatives.

It happened because Americans from all walks of life united to support it—liberals and conservatives, prosecutors and public defenders, police officers and people with criminal records.

If no government-backed firms failed, it’d be a clear sign that the government was being too conservative.

The governor praised Clarkson’s commitment to conservative values and marital devotion in a letter to the president.

Instead, the college sought to sample more voters not just in rural counties, but in the more rural areas within those rural counties that are more likely to support conservative candidates.

Even if DraftKings wanted to pare back and become a bit more conservative, they are kind of led by what their competitors are doing.

In 2018, they pledged to spend another $400 million to back conservative candidates.

Newsweek later updated their headline to reflect that Brown is a conservative, but doesn’t necessarily vote along party lines.

A central tenet of the outlook of many conservatives is that “elites” look down upon them and regard them as bigoted, uneducated rubes.

The conservative majority makes the court potentially more anti-ACA than it was a few years ago, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will endorse the plaintiffs’ reasoning.