Conservatives [adjective]

Definition of Conservatives:

cautious, moderate, tending to preserve the status quo

Opposite/Antonyms of Conservatives:

Sentence/Example of Conservatives:

Liberals say things that are way out there, and conservatives say things that are sometimes way out there, or don’t have enough evidence.

David Graff, Senior Director, Trust & Safety at Google, said around the elections specifically but also around some other areas, Google is going to take a more conservative approach with what suggestions it shows in auto-complete.

The thinking was the South Bronx was too conservative to elect an LGBTQ person…Not only did I win, but I won so decisively that it sent Ruben Diaz Sr.

What conservative parents who opposed this are arguing is to rewrite history and we are arguing to teach history as it happened.

In fact, there’s scant evidence of systematic anti-right bias by social-media platforms, according to two analyses by The Economist and a third by a researcher at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

When it was launched in 1996 by Roger Ailes, Fox was conservative but still committed to reporting the news, Stelter says.

Conservatives have traditionally favored more restraint, but they seem particularly keen to enforce antitrust law against technology platforms they view as biased against conservatives.

While not explicitly stated in the guidance, experts believe it’s clear employers will be able to opt out of participating—and that most would indeed skew on the conservative side and do just that.

There is nothing liberal or conservative about objective truth, and the objective truth is that the United States has a lot to atone for in the area of racial equity.

Let’s be conservative and assume you’d want a 7% annual return on Tesla.