Conservator [noun]

Definition of Conservator:

caretaker of collection

Synonyms of Conservator:

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Sentence/Example of Conservator:

Likewise, a legally appointed guardian or conservator of an insane inventor may apply for and obtain a patent in trust for him.

He thinks himself a great man because a great conservator of order.

It is easy to be a conservator of the discomforts of others; indeed, it is only our good qualities we find it irksome to conserve.

They were signed by father Fray Pedro de Muriel, by order of the judge conservator appointed to prevent the said visit.

The judge-conservator proclaimed the cause at an end, and sentenced his province to be suppressed.

He declared against the archbishop, saying that the judge-conservator had used no fuerza.

The archbishop recognized the purpose of his pretense, and reaffirmed the first reply that he had given the judge-conservator.

Before he was notified of this act, the secretary read to him his appointment as judge-conservator made on behalf of the Society.

The relation declares that the bulls were authorized by the same judge-conservator and his secretary.

I was present, and his whole sermon was a satire against the judge-conservator, the fathers of the Society, and the governor.