Conservatory [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Conservatory:

It was one day when a student from the Stuttgardt conservatory attempted to play the Sonata Appassionata.

He plays beautifully, and was trained in the famous Brussels conservatory, of which Dupont is the head.

I don't know much about the interior arrangements of Kullak's conservatory, because I only went to his own class.

In the conservatory he seemed to be a very passionate player; but, somehow, in public that was not the case.

This young lady had been originally a pupil of Kullak's, and I had heard her play once in his conservatory.

A botanist of note, he had a remarkable conservatory where he cultivated geraniums only.

So they have a new entrance—very handsome conservatory—flowers—the banker does things in style.

But Providence willed it otherwise; for Mr. Sleek suddenly entered his conservatory in a state of considerable excitement.

She crept away through the little room where the bridge players were deep in their game into the conservatory beyond.

The old house stood four-square, with a patched-up conservatory on one wing.