Considerably [adverb]

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Liking for a single colour is a considerably smaller display of mind than an appreciation of the relation of two colours.

I suspect, from the evident care taken of it, that its product is considerably relied on for food.

This fact worried him considerably, and made him persist in his own mind that the company would accept it.

The hills in sight, however, are very considerably wooded, and wood is apparently the common fuel.

As Foreign Minister, by simply taking what he wanted, he added considerably to the extent of his duchy.

To this the fat boy, considerably terrified, briefly responded, “Missis.”

It was considerably to Justice Haggard's astonishment that he heard of the invitation to his son and his son's wife.

Today we had a heavy thunder-storm, for which we were very grateful, as it cooled the air considerably.

The accounts of the train of events leading to the death of Comyn, though agreeing in essentials, vary considerably in details.

The mutilated skeleton of a girl was found, which had apparently been in that place for considerably over a hundred years.