Consigned [verb]

Definition of Consigned:

entrust, hand over for care

Synonyms of Consigned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consigned:

Sentence/Example of Consigned:

Nothing doubtful or "reputed" ever arrived in the huge packing-cases consigned to Walls End Castle.

The guillotine has already consigned many of those whom she loved best to the grave.

In their thoughts she was merely a bondwoman taken from the heathen, and consigned to their keeping for their uses.

Then calling the jailer, he consigned me into his hands, ordering that I should be placed in the same dungeon with Maroncelli.

He gave up the town to pillage and rapine, allowing the doing of such deeds as have consigned his name to well-merited infamy.

The Carletons were promptly consigned to the seclusion of the atlas, while the romancers ran for their hats.

His relentless enemy had but to give the signal and he would be consigned to an awful death.

The law of Egypt that consigned the new-born babe to the slaughter found tools for its execution.

Like Edwards, he tells us little of the prisoners after they were consigned to "Pandora's Box."

Once more a cripple and consigned to my bed, for how long, Heaven only knows.