Consists [verb]

Definition of Consists:

exist, reside

Synonyms of Consists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consists:

Sentence/Example of Consists:

But you are mistaken in thinking the force west consists of the entire Merrill Horse.

The phloridzin test consists in the hypodermic injection of a small quantity of phloridzin.

It consists in finding relations between the objects of thought with an immediate awareness of those relations.

No law of that country must exceed in words the number of letters in their alphabet, which consists only in two-and-twenty.

During the last century these were recast, and addition made to the peal, which now consists of twelve.

The main entrance is in the centre of the St. Martin's Lane front, and consists of a central roadway for carts and wagons, 15ft.

The essential point in which it differs from any other known mineral consists in its being at once fibrous and textile.

This motion consists almost wholly in apparently purposeless lashing and coiling movements, and continues for many hours.

Thence we proceeded directly into the principal street (Rua Direita), whose only beauty consists in its breadth.

Another manner of punishment consists in making them wear a tin mask, which is fastened with a lock behind.