Consolidated [verb]

Definition of Consolidated:

combine; make firm

Opposite/Antonyms of Consolidated:

Sentence/Example of Consolidated:

As they move in toward the sun long trails of vapour stream back from the somewhat consolidated head.

While they were talking Jane had opportunity to watch and wonder at the firm, consolidated society that was Brodrick's family.

Actions against several intruders were consolidated, and that against Mr Hart came on for trial.

His empire thus consolidated, he would be virtual master of half the solid earth in the Eastern hemisphere.

By this time, also, Red Tower Consolidated was beginning to find out what it meant to have active competition.

These duties and all other taxes he brought into a consolidated fund on which all public debts were secured.

These lands are now under protection and will gradually be consolidated into National Forests.

It is very rare that the labor of women becomes consolidated into capital; but there is no reason why it should not.

Through all the years of war the Canadian forces never lost a gun nor retired from a position they had consolidated.

Every year an additional layer of consolidated snow is added to its surface by the frequent blizzards.