Consolidates [verb]

Definition of Consolidates:

combine; make firm

Opposite/Antonyms of Consolidates:

Sentence/Example of Consolidates:

Hong Kong just delivered a masterclass on how authoritarian regimes distort facts and erase history in a bid to consolidate state control.

Chains like Target and Walmart are benefiting from consumers’ growing tendency to consolidate shopping trips to stores where they can buy everything and minimize time in stores.

Then, in an executive reshuffling in 2017, Levien was promoted to chief operating officer, consolidating power on the business side and establishing herself as the clear internal candidate to be named as the next CEO.

The planemaker announced last month that it was ending production of the 747 jumbo jet and studying whether to consolidate production of the 787 Dreamliner, which is manufactured in South Carolina and Washington state.

The effect was larger among Republicans hoping to consolidate Republican power.

At least 16 jurisdictions13 saw long lines at polling places, which had often been consolidated due to a shortage of poll workers.

With this migration Bing was able to consolidate 47 different links in the old version to 17 different links, since most of the links have been consolidated and bundled into fewer tools that do more.

If you’re daunted by the amount of data you have to consolidate and interpret when budgeting, you can use scenario-building tools to run multiple budget scenarios.

This not only accelerates product sales but also consolidates the elite reputation of these brands.

But, she says, that’s not the only avenue through which presidential power has been consolidated lately.