Consolidating [verb]

Definition of Consolidating:

combine; make firm

Synonyms of Consolidating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consolidating:

Sentence/Example of Consolidating:

Jensen’s Schoenstein favors Unilever, the multinational beauty and food giant that’s currently consolidating its headquarters in London.

Both chains, with their massive product assortments, have benefited from shoppers consolidating trips to reduce time in stores during the pandemic, meaning they’ve taken market share from weaker rivals.

Often, its agencies and demand-side platforms that are consolidating media dollars into fewer SSPs.

Election sites were being closed and consolidated, Cotti said, but it wasn’t uniform.

Some precinct stations can be consolidated, but that would need special approval.

Despite both Gloria and Bry hailing from the same party, voters have aligned on stark ideological lines, with self-declared liberals siding with Gloria, conservatives consolidating behind Bry and moderates breaking down the middle.

The app, which raised $5 million in seed funding in August, mostly just consolidates public and government advice, compiled using a host of national security and climate change advisers.

Good diet and exercise help us sleep, allowing us to consolidate and strengthen memories.

He has consolidated the Communist Pary’s control over nearly ever major economic policy-making body and his own control of the party.

Google has consolidated Locations reporting into one report.