Consoling [verb]

Definition of Consoling:

relieve, comfort

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Sony’s big bet is that the PS5's new tech will be good for developers and great for players“Demon’s Souls” now looks like what I imagined console games might look like late in the PS5′s generational cycle, yet here it is for the PS5′s launch.

The game in question, Nuclear Rush, was one of four games announced for Sega VR, a headset system designed to plug into standard Genesis and Mega Drive consoles.

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Backward compatibility on the PlayStation 5 is reportedly not quite as fast and robust as what the new Xbox consoles offer.

It started creeping into PC gaming last year with Nvidia’s powerful graphics cards, but now it’s present in both Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles.

Fast refresh rates will push the price up if you’re planning to purchase a new set, but it’s what you need to do in order to get the best performance out of your pricy new console.

Now running with no bugs and at 60 frames per second on the latest consoles, it’s a great chance to revisit it under proper conditions.

When the console was revealed, there were a lot of kind of playful comparisons to things like household objects.

The PlayStation was huge, significantly larger than the Xbox Series X or any previous PlayStation console.

Additionally, levels load about twice as quickly on the next-gen console, although I wish the loading was seamless and didn’t require any time at all.