Consonant [adjective]

Definition of Consonant:

agreeing, consistent

Synonyms of Consonant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consonant:

Sentence/Example of Consonant:

Each word was one syllable and had starting and ending consonants that sandwiched a vowel sound.

That’s important, says Bottalico, because consonants typically have a higher frequency, or pitch, than vowel sounds.

However, Bottalico notes, that still wouldn’t change the fact that masks stifle consonants more than vowels.

In the flow of a news conference, it’s hard to expect him to avoid the occasional misplaced consonant.

It starts with two consonants that you don’t see together too often.

It is combined with these consonant elements in order to invite it forward and bring it to a point (figuratively speaking).

The most recklessly chivalrous terms are indeed consonant with Sir Edward's character.

The story seems little consonant with Douglas's warlike intelligence.

Ten Brink reads ay for ever, on the ground that ever and never, when followed by a consonant, are dissyllabic in Chaucer.

No Russian, whose dissonant, consonant name Almost rattles to fragments the trumpet of fame?Postscript.