Consonants [noun]

Definition of Consonants:

sound unit of speech

Synonyms of Consonants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consonants:


Sentence/Example of Consonants:

An impatient pupil who never learns anything thoroughly often disregards the rule about silent consonants.

By all the sounded consonants we have—“Inhuman Civil War;” the latter shorter, more significant, and more easily remembered.

Sometimes only the initial consonants of the words or phrases or sentences are used.

Sometimes the first and last consonants of a word are used, and sometimes two consonants in the middle of a word.

The second word should indicate by its consonants the numbers of the bones to which the attachment is made.

The manner of pronouncing vowels and consonants became the most profound of mysteries, and often the most terrible.

Much of the actual difference arises from exchanges of the consonants r and l, h and s, and a few others.

By means of consonants we articulate our words; that is, we give them joints.

You would find the same consonants in the County of Herkimer.

Sometimes all the sounded consonants of a word or phrase are used.