Conspirators [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Conspirators:

We must behold her as she appeared in 1860,—the leader and chief conspirator against the Republic.

You remember what I said: 'If there's any serious bother I, your commander and fellow conspirator, will stand by you.'

Theodore, the Greek waiter, looked exactly what he was—a born conspirator who had strayed from melodrama into real life.

Thus behind the arch-conspirator of the revolution stood "the Chief of all the Jews."

In the eyes of the wicked Pope, the Florentine reformer was a traitor and conspirator, disloyal and dangerous.

But there lived not in England in that day of plots and counterplots a more inveterate conspirator.

Ten Euyck observed with joy that her manner to him had changed; it had become that of a fellow-conspirator.

His instinct was to regard her as a conspirator against rather than as an antecedent obstacle to Thomasin's happiness.

This is certainly the strangest way to conciliate a disaffected conspirator, that we ever heard of!

Traitors without the camp and traitors within were watched, and the most active conspirator was discovered, tried and hanged.