Conspired [verb]

Definition of Conspired:

plot, scheme with someone

Synonyms of Conspired:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conspired:

Sentence/Example of Conspired:

He conspired against Richelieu, to whom he was indebted for much of his good fortune, and to whose resentment he fell a victim.

They were all declared guilty of having conspired against the Republic, and were condemned to death.

They are accused of having conspired against their country, but I know that they were firm friends of the Republic.

The fields had much the appearance of a well kept park, and everything conspired to make the day a pleasant recollection.

Also, nature had conspired against Henry by handing him with a pair of hopelessly myopic eyes.

Two hundred officers conspired to resign their commissions on the same day.

But now conditions and circumstances beyond the ken of diplomacy had conspired to put the inevitable moment indefinitely forward.

Hence it not seldom happened that Roman scholars conspired to rob their master of his salary and desert his class in a body.

Meanwhile, his cousins, jealous of his glory, conspired with his enemies to betray him.

And against so lenient a Prince has this odious traitor Forstner conspired!