Conspires [verb]

Definition of Conspires:

plot, scheme with someone

Synonyms of Conspires:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conspires:

Sentence/Example of Conspires:

The claims of its glorious Object, its own essential nature, and its design, all conspire in this.

All shall conspire in favour of the church, which in the following verse is called Jezrahel, that is, the seed of God.

The enemy hates him bitterly, and would welcome an opportunity, would even conspire, to hang him.

About that time he began to conspire with a view to restore the son of Queen Isabella.

Theologians tell and repeat to us that man is free, while all their teachings conspire to destroy his liberty.

What ravages would not these holy haranguers cause should they conspire to disturb a State, as they have so often done?

Imprison them for a quarter of a century, and on the day of their release they will conspire against czardom.

Yet the great herd, the multitude, that in all other things are divided, in this alone conspire and agree—to love money.

Howells was not especially eager to go, and tried to conspire with Clemens to arrange some excuse which would keep them at home.

A breadth of light and colour, the general ideas of the drapery, an uninterrupted flow of outline, all conspire to this effect.