Constipated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Constipated:

The bowels are constipated, and to this the feverish symptoms apparently owe their origin.

The well-being of the body is of the utmost importance: a clogged and constipated body is no medium for inspiration.

If the bowels are constipated relief should be sought in the manner we have just mentioned in speaking of constipation.

It is frequently the case that pregnant females, instead of being constipated are afflicted with severe diarrha.

During the greater part of the time he was confined to the house, the bowels were constipated, requiring daily purgatives.

We can detect a constipated condition of the bowels through the color and odor of the skin.

Milk used to make me constipated, but it does not when I chew the cereal with it carefully and eat a number of apples.

Should you become constipated, report to the doctor for medicine before you begin to feel badly.

Should the bowels become constipated, repeat the castor oil without the opium.

If the bowels are constipated, take a tablespoonful of wheat bran on rising; also a small bunch of grapes and a glass of water.