Constitutional [adjective]

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Ultimately, though, neither side finds a compromise and we find ourselves in the midst of a full-blown constitutional crisis.

This year, what stumped Hutchins, despite all his resourcefulness, was how he was going to exercise his basic constitutional right to vote during a pandemic.

Paul, from next-door Kentucky, even cut an ad for Sethi asking voters to back “the constitutional conservative Tennessee deserves.”

From just a narrowly constitutional perspective, he does seem less aggressive than his predecessors.

Because there was a whole movement in constitutional law, to de-center courts.

The man did not live, nor could the occasion arrive, which would quicken his constitutional drawl.

It was commonly thought in America that Mr. Adams, although not a judge, had a singular gift for constitutional interpretation.

But he would not, with his build and constitutional habit, last out here for one fortnight.

Kilkelly was a busy, but never seemed an overworked man, due I suppose to some constitutional quality he enjoyed.

The three plodded on, taking a diligent constitutional walk, exchanging very few words, and those chiefly between the girls.