Constitutive [adjective]

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They were a duality the constitutive forces of which alternately assumed supremacy.

A certain theory is seen to be essential to the fact, a certain theology to be the constitutive force in the religion.

They are a priori conditions, subjective in one sense, but objective as being universal, necessary and constitutive of experience.

At the time that the constitutive body made this law, ten million voters were registered on the election rolls.

Period in which the republic is constituted, and of the Constitutive National Assembly.

The constitutive membrane of the adult oogonia is reabsorbed in a great many points, and is there pierced with rounded holes.

Is genius the sole constitutive element of greatness, or with what other elements, and in what relations to them, is it combined?

As a general rule, compounds formed Constitutive influences.

In bare outline, it is obvious that the two latter agree in regarding thinking as instrumental, not as constitutive.

All our knowledge, after all, of thought as constitutive is gained by consideration of the operations of reflective thought.