Constraints [noun]

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Despite that seeming constraint, Adger argues in his new book, Language Unlimited, that the sentences we make are infinite in faculty, form, and expression.

Reflecting on these difficulties gives us a couple of constraints that any foundational moral theory must satisfy.

The task I set myself is to construct a theory able to satisfy both of these constraints, and to avoid the dilemma which has plagued so many foundational moral theories.

Mattingly again provided expert testimony, this time adding 57,202 more maps made using less stringent constraints than the first batch.

Recently, we’ve seen geographical constraints move to timezone ones, especially for synchronous companies that do most of the work together.

The seven matrices representing the seven symbols in the rewrite system needed to satisfy a number of constraints, reflecting the ways that the 11 rules needed to be consistent with each other.

Bucking entrenched gender norms comes with its own constraints.

The city maintains that development of population-based park acreage for recreational purpose is infeasible due to land constraints – meaning that in these urban communities there is no available, undeveloped land left.

“Your constraint is you’re trying to put a curve in that follows those vectors,” Schwartz said.

On the one hand, in the context of digital gaming and virtual worlds, VR technologies arguably empower individuals and often provide a much needed escape from the constraints of everyday life.