Constricting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Constricting:

Already the doctors drug had begun to loosen the bands of pain constricting the captains brow.

By constricting the ducts of the glands they diminish the secretion of those glands, because denying it an exit.

"There he comes now," David replied, his heart pounding wildly and dread constricting his throat.

Brandon's anger pounded up into his head in great waves of constricting passion.

It could coil its body around them, and crush them with the constricting power of its muscles.

If a constricting band is applied at this stage, the infection can usually be checked and the occurrence of suppuration prevented.

Moreover, the protecting natural barriers proved constricting, so that there was little opportunity for expansion.

She made a curiously jerky movement, as if she wrenched herself free from some constricting hold.

He felt constricting bands about his chest; darting, numbing pains ran through him.

With much effort they tore off the constricting boots and, using them for pillows, sank into a painful lethargy.