Constriction [noun]

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Then it dawned on me, and I felt a quick constriction of my heart that was both bliss and pain.

Then his brain and his heart began to stir and move again a little, the constriction of the paralysis was passing off.

It is the constriction of dress, that is to be feared, and not any particular article that produces it.

It is in the position most used when engaged in common employments, that we are to judge of the constriction of dress.

Before disconnecting the apparatus, seal the glass tube from the culture vessel at the constriction, using the blowpipe flame.

At its side also a deep constriction is being formed in it, immediately behind the pineal gland.

The constriction of the notochord proceeds till in the centre of the vertebr it merely forms a fibrous band.

The yolk has now mainly passed into the abdomen, and the constriction separating the thorax and abdomen has begun to appear.

The hafting constriction was sometimes partially worked out before fluting.

Umbrella conical and divided by a horizontal constriction into two parts, the lower one being again divided into lobes.