Constricts [verb]

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Leaving your noggin exposed can further constrict your body’s blood flow.

It faced a coronavirus-induced layoffs of 13 employees —about half of its staff — driven by abruptly constricted advertising budgets.

The already crimped TV advertising market further constricted in the past month, though that tightness could slacken as the fourth quarter comes to a close and inventory prices come back down to earth.

For the red dots, the muscle oxygen data suggests that this subject had a weak response in constricting blood flow to the muscles.

Pointed political debate might get removed, and free expression would be constricted.

It twines round the stems of lofty trees, which its flattened coils gradually constrict with almost life-like cruelty!

By virtue of this power they are enabled to constrict many dead animal matters.

Cartilaginous or partially calcified biconcave vertebrae are always well developed; they constrict the notochord intervertebrally.

Biconcave cartilaginous vertebrae are developed, and as is the case in most fishes, constrict the notochord vertebrally.

(b.) Those in which he tries to constrict it, by reuniting its separated sides.