Constructing [verb]

Definition of Constructing:

assemble, build

Synonyms of Constructing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Constructing:

Sentence/Example of Constructing:

The child now aims at constructing a particular linear representation, that of a man, a horse, or what not.

This patchwork way of constructing engines made success much more difficult.

Oats, Captain Trevithick's head boiler-maker, was constructing the boilers; Woolf came into the yard, and examined them.

Within a few more months he determined on constructing an engine for the purpose of more accurately testing those views.

This was no doubt used in constructing the roof of the westward extension of the nave and aisles.

Your inquiry as to the best mode of constructing a glass chamber for photographic purposes will be answered in our next.

Architecture is often defined as the science and art of designing and constructing buildings or structures.

No; her parents had but small place in that dramatic autobiography that Daphne was now constructing for herself.

Yet this closely resembles the method language forces us to adopt in constructing a picture.

I mean—Well, anyhow I take it Mr. Remington stands for constructing a civilised state out of this muddle.