Constructively [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Constructively:

Republicans really are telling voters that they should elect a GOP Senate not because of the constructive steps it will take to address the coronavirus or economic crises, but instead to prevent the radical left from destroying America.

We welcome the full spectrum of those views and believe it is important for us to facilitate a deep and constructive conversation where all voices are heard.

I join in when support is required to maintain constructive interactions, to ask questions to stretch their thinking and to encourage them to continue to extend their skills in new ways.

A person familiar with the EU position said the dinner was constructive and there was a good spirit between the two leaders and their officials.

In an ideal world, constructive criticism from the opposition might help keep an administration sharp and focused.

It was design as a constructed and constructive conversation, an evolution of what I’d seen in Alexander’s design process.

With the help of the color spectrum guidelines, the conversations have continued and grown more constructive.

It is my considered opinion that your time will be far more constructively spent if you devote it to helping your father.

It may be noted that constructively pumps are essentially reversed motors.

"You were not even constructively to blame," he hastened to say.